List of all expected deliverables for the entire duration of the Astrodeep project.
When the dissemination level of the deliverable is “public” links to the original documents will be provided.

D1.1) Methodology for the emission of the calls for scientific consultants [month 4] – D1.1_Methodology_Call

D2.1) Management Portal (internal to consortium) [month 6] – D2.1_Management_Portal

D3.1) Scientific report on existing software [month 12] – D3.1_Report_SW

D3.2) Release of simulated data [month 24] – D3.2_SimulatedData

D3.3) Internal release of Herschel simulated data and definition of optimal technique for catalog producti. [month 24] – D3.3_OptimalTechnique

D3.4) Internal release of software tools. [month 30] – D3.4_SoftwareTools

D3.5) Feedback from users of software tools. [month 36] – D3.5_SWFeedback

D3.6) Final release of software tools. [month 42]

D4.1) Survey on available data and planning of catalogue release. [month 6] – D4.1_Survey_Data

D4.2) 1st Production of public catalogs. [month 18] – D4.2_Catalog1

D4.3) 2nd Production of public catalogs. [month 30] – D4.3_Catalog2

D4.4) 3rd Production of public catalogs. [month 42]

D5.1) List of science papers – #1. [month 12] – D5.1_ListSciencePapers

D5.2) List of science papers – #2. [month 24] – D5.2_ListSciencePaper2

D5.3) List of science papers – #3. [month 36] – D5.3_ListSciencePaper3

D5.4) List of science papers – #4. [month 48]

D6.1) Internal release of EUCLID-deep simulator – internal release. [month 30] – D6.1_EuclidSimulatorInternal

D6.2) Public release of EUCLID-deep simulated data. [month 36] – D6.2_EuclidSimulations

D7.1) Beta release of public web portal for internal testing. [month 6] – D7.1_Public_Portal_Beta

D7.2) Public release of public web portal. [month 12] – D7.2_Public_Portal

D7.3) Call for collaboration meeting. [month 11] –D7.3_CollaborationMeeting

D7.4) First data set available at CDS. [month 15] – D7.4_CDS_data1

D7.5) Second data set available at CDS. [month 27] – D7.5_CDS_data2

D7.6) Public announcement of international meeting. [month 17] – D7.6_International_Meeting

D7.7) Report on international conference. [month 42]

D7.8) Third data set available at CDS. [month 45]

D7.9) Report on public outreach activity. [month 45]