WP5: Science: The physics of early galaxy evolution



This WP funds the exploitation of this unique data set, to address the major open questions about galaxy and AGN formation and evolution.


Description of work

This WP is focused on the scientific analysis of the unique data set this project will produce.
We will use a variety of statistical indicators to explore the properties of high-redshift galaxies and AGNs. The huge data set that we will compile will allow us to obtain high order statistical distributions of galaxies as a function of different quantities. We plan to derive luminosity and mass functions at different redshifts, correlation functions and other indicators of large-scale structures. We will explore the rest frame physical properties of galaxies (rest frame luminosities, masses, star-formation rates, morphologies) as a function of cosmic time, environment and spectral type. We will obtain a full census of AGNs at high redshift, including those most absorbed, and explore their association with their host galaxies.