WP1: Management



  1. Coordination of the project, with definition of the internal rules.
  2. Administration of the financial contribution of the Union regarding its allocation between beneficiaries and activities.
  3. Recording and accounting of the financial contribution of the Union and of the fraction paid to beneficiaries.
  4. Relationships with REA of the distribution of the financial contribution of the Union and the date of transfers to the beneficiaries.
  5. Monitoring the compliance by beneficiaries with their obligations under this grant.
  6. Preparation and execution of the “Call for external consultants”.


Description of work

This is a standard management WP. The structure of the team is quite streamlined, so the management can be effectively carried out without the need for very major effort.
The co-ordination of the project will be led by the Co-ordinator, in close contact with the Executive team.
Most of the co-ordination will be done via frequent telecons and dedicated meetings.
Administrative support and reporting will be provided by a dedicated person at INAF-OAR.