Team members

The ASTRODEEP team collects most of the PI (or main Co-I) of all major ultradeep surveys, covering also the whole range of the electromagnetic spectrum: CANDELS at HST, ground based imaging at VLT and LBT and ULTRAVISTA at VISTA, GOODS-HERSCHEL, HERMES@HERSCHEL, PEP@HERSCHEL, SPUDS@SPITZER, XMM-COSMOS and Chandra on CDFS. This ensures the highest technical and scientific expertise in the analysis and prompt exploitation if these data.

People involved in the Astrodeep project are:

Adriano Fontana – Project Coordinator
Andrea Comastri – Partner Coordinator (OABo)
Ricardo Amorin – Starburst-driven evolution of low-mass galaxies
Konstantina Boutsia – Management support
Nico Cappelluti – X-ray catalogs
Marco Castellano – Analysis of multi-wavelength data
Marcella Di Criscienzo – Production of multiwavelength catalogs
Emiliano Merlin – Software development and testing
Diego Paris – Software development and testing
Paola Santini – Galaxy evolution through multi-wavelength surveys


James Dunlop – Partner Coordinator
Nathan Bourne – Sub-mm deconfusion and obscured star formation studies
Victoria Bruce – Evolution of massive galaxies at intermediate redshifts
Fernando Buitrago – Formation and evolution of the most massive galaxies
Fergus Cullen – Infrared spectroscopy simulations for EUCLID
Ross McLure
Michael Michalowski


David Elbaz – Partner Coordinator
Corentin Schreiber – Characterisation of galaxy star formation rate and simulation of Herschel images
Xinwen Shu – Formation and evolution of far-infrared luminous galaxies observed with Herschel
Tao Wang – Identification of distant galaxies using Herschel images
Laure Ciesla – Characterisation of dust emission in star forming galaxies
Koryo Okumura
Emanuele Daddi
Emeric Le Floc’h
Maurillio Pannella


Sebastien Derriere – Partner Coordinator
Pascal Wassong – Senior software developer, working on the Astrodeep portal


Henry Ferguson (STScI)
Sandra Faber