Nico Cappelluti

NCappellutiMy research field is to search  signatures of faint Super Massive Black Holes (SMBH) in the Early Universe.

The goal is to understand what was the mechanism that led to growth of  SMBH to masses of the order 10^9 Solar masses in less than 1 Billion Year.

In the context of ASTRODEEP, I am involved in the scientific exploitation of the Chandra Data in the GOODS-S field. I devoted my investigation to the assembly of a catalog of X-ray sources based on prior knowledge of the position of galaxies detected by CANDELS. This catalog, validated by an intensive ray-tracing simulation campaign, allowed us to rise  to about 1000 the total number of known X-ray sources in the Chandra deep field south and to almost double the number of known z>4 SMBH candidates.