David Elbaz

DElbazDavid Elbaz leads the Cosmology and Galaxy Evolution team at the CEA/IRFU/SAp.

He has been active in the field of extragalactic infrared surveys since 1996, when he led the ISOCAM deep extragalactic surveys and since then has become an expert in the field of deep extragalactic surveys and in the modelling of the spectral energy distribution of galaxies, mostly in the mid‐far infrared.

D.Elbaz is author/co-.‐author of 150 refereed publications (h-index of 46, 22 papers with >100 citations) and has supervised ten postdocs and four PhD students. D.Elbaz is the PI of the ESA Key Program “GOODS-Herschel” providing the deepest far‐infrared view of the Universe in the two GOODS fields. He is also Co‐I of the GOODS‐Spitzer program, of both the Herschel HerMES and PEP surveys, of the HST CANDELS survey and is a Science Working Group Coordinator for the Euclid WG on Galaxy and AGN Evolution.