Corentin Schreiber

DSCF1396My research interests are to understand the processes through which galaxies are growing in mass, consume their gas content, and eventually die. In particular, I have focused my work on characterizing the typical star formation rate of galaxies of different stellar mass, seen at different epochs, providing constraints on the global star formation density in the Universe, and showing that most galaxies form their stars in a unique and universal way. I am also interested in figuring out the mechanisms that allow some galaxies to experience intense, and probably short, episodes of enhanced star formation activity. This research is primarily based on FIR data from the Herschel satellite, combined with a large variety of multi-wavelenght data from the UV to the radio.


Within ASTRODEEP, my goal is to provide realistic galaxy mock catalogs, and accurate simulated Herschel images. These mock data sets are used to test the reliability of current and new source extraction softwares.