We present a set of simulations for the spectroscopic component of the Euclid Deep Survey. The spectroscopic channel is a part of the NISP instrument and is comprised of four near infrared grisms, three ‘red’ (1.25 um – 1.85 um) and one ‘blue’ grism (0.92 um – 1.25 um). Each grism has a 0.53 deg2 field of view (FoV) made up of 4×4 individual detectors.

The figure below shows an example of one FoV in the blue grism, this image contains ~ 250,000 individual spectra down to a limiting magnitude in the Y band of Y=26 (the estimated 5 sigma depth of the Euclid Deep Survey imaging).


The release consists of a single 0.53 deg2 pointing in both the red and blue grism at one orientation, plus, for a single detector, an exposure orientated with an offset of 180 degrees. The simulation combines our bespoke catalog generation software EGG with the STScI grism simulation software package aXeSIM. We have used EGG to generate a catalog down to a limiting magnitude of Y=26 and provide grism images along with each input and output 1D spectrum (see the links below). The various download links are given below, including a readme document giving a more detailed description of the simulations:


Configuration files

Catalogs: the file containing the combined catalogs and the 16 individual catalogs for each detector can be downloaded here.

Blue grism: all data for the blue grism simulations (see readme for details)

Red grism: all data for the red grism simulations (see readme for details)