We release the images and multi-wavelength catalog of the whole NIRCam extra-galactic observations obtained over the region of the cluster of galaxies Abell 2744. We combine and release public data coming from three different programs: GLASS-JWST (PI T. Treu), UNCOVER (PIs R. Bezansons and I. Labbé) and DDT-2756 (PI W. Chen).

Images in 8 JWST bands (F090W, F115W, F150W, F200W, F277W, F356W, F410M, F444W)  have been reduced using a customized version of the official JWST pipeline.

We have also included available images (courtesy of G. Brammer) taken with HST in 8 bands (F435W, F606W, F775W and F814W with ACS and F105W, F125W, F140W and F160W with WFC3) on a subset of the field.

We obtain a multi-band catalog by means of forced aperture photometry on PSF-matched images at the position of F444W-detected sources. The catalog is intended to enable early scientific investigations, and it is optimized for faint galaxies; it contains 24389 sources, with 5sigma limiting magnitude ranging between m~29 and m~30  in F444W.

We release both images and catalogs in order to allow the community to familiarize with the JWST NIRCam data and evaluate their merit and limitations given the current level of knowledge of the instrument.

Please refer to this paper (Paris et al. 2023) for detailed information. Please cite the paper if you use the catalog or the images for your research.


We plan to continue improving the data set (images and catalogs) as new data, calibrations and analysis tools are available. If you want to remain updated about new releases (which may contain improvements ad additions of the data set) feel free to leave your address on this web form. This is not required to have access to the data.

The catalog and the images are available for download here.