We have  prepared a few movies to show the dramatic impact that is expected from the forthcoming JWST imaging observations. The comparison is made with the current images from Spitzer. The increase in resolution and sensitivity of JWST opens entirely new territories for astronomical explorations.

These movies have been created starting from the real H band image of CANDELS field, that we use to take the real position and morphology of the objects. Each object in the H detected catalog has then been  re-scaled in intensity to match the F444/F777 flux predicted by SED fitting models in the CANDELS catalogues. Fainter objects have been added using EGG, down to the limit expected from the JWST observations. Strictly speaking the final JWST observations will show even better details of the extended objects, as the JWST resolution is better than the HST one.

Depth and PSF are approximately close to the expected “strawman” proposal by Finkelstein et al. (2015), with exposure times of 2-3 hours.






I-H-F444 Thricromy