The meeting room is located at the Bad Moos Hotel in Sesto Val Pusteria, Italy.
For a number of reasons it is convenient to book a room directly at the Bad Moos Hotel.

In addition to hosting the meeting room (with obvious advantages in saving time) the hotel is quite comfortable and is an excellent location for skiing and walking in the Fiscalina valley.

The excellent food and the SPA are additional good reasons to be hosted there.
The experience of the previous years is that having all the participants in the same place allowed a great spirit of lively discussions and interactions among the participants.

Bad Moos is located just in front of a free ski-bus station, so you may reach it with one of its rides (1 every ~15 min).

Bad Moos has different options for lodging. There are both 4-stars and 3-stars rooms – the former being somewhat expensive – that give access to the dinner and the SPA, but also cheaper apartments just in front of it, that are more convenient (with or without dinner option).

Please let us know if you want to share a room with another participant – we may try to connect those interested.

For any information on Bad Moos you may look at

*** WHEN YOU CONTACT Bad Moos don’t forget to mention that you are attending the conference in order to get discounted rates.***

Other options exist in Sesto, that may be cheaper – but note that the Bad Moos Hotel is somewhat far from the other hotels in Sesto village, and you might need either a car or a bus ride to reach it.

Other information about lodging in Sesto are found at