Program and Presentations

Day 1 – Monday 26


Camilla PacificiOn the importance of using appropriate spectral models to derive physical properties of galaxies

Henry FergusonCANDELS from the UV to the far-IR: How to make optimal use of the data

Bomee LeeCANDELS: The Intrinsic characteristics of galaxies in the SFR-M* diagram at 1<z<4

Panos SkliasConstraining Star Formation Histories of IR-luminous high-z Galaxies with Herschel


Gabriel Brammer3D-HST: A slitless spectroscopic survey of distant galaxies with HST grisms

Emiliano MerlinTPHOT: Advanced Techniques of Precision Photometry for Present and Future Multiwavelength Surveys

Daizhong Liu: A highly deconfused mid-far—IR to submm catalog in GOODS-N: techniques and performances

Audrey GalametzPhotometric redshifts & co for the Euclid Mission

Day 2 – Tuesday 27


Mauro Giavalisco: HCF Evolutionary sequence

James DunlopThe Luminosity Function at z=9

Rebecca BowlerRapid evolution in the bright end of the galaxy luminosity function between z = 5, 6 and 7

Andrea GrazianThe UltraViolet side of star-forming galaxies with LBC/LBT: the Lyman continuum escape fraction at z~3

Lucia GuaitaLyman Continuum Signal from z~3 star-forming galaxies with available multi-wavelength coverage

Fernando BuitragoThe dichotomy for the mass-size relation for massive galaxies up to z = 4.5 in the HUGS survey and a little extra


Adriano FontanaMassive galaxies at high redshift

Brett SalmonThe Star-Formation and Rate and Stellar Mass Relation of Galaxies at High Redshift in CANDELS

Mimi SongThe Evolution of Galaxy Stellar Mass Functions at z=4-7

Alice MortlockExploring the evolution of the stellar mass function in the redshift range 1-3


Day 3 – Wednesday 28


Daniel SchaererProperties of the Lyman Break Galaxy population at high-z and new constraints from IR/mm observations

Ricardo Amorin: Physical properties and metallicity of strong emission line galaxies out to z~4 from VUDS and VANDELS

Jose Miguel Rodriguez EspinosaEpisodic star formation in two LAEs at z=5.1

Mauro GiavaliscoThe star-formation activity and quenching of massive, compact galaxies and galaxies with a Dominant Central Object


Fabian WalterMolecular Deep Fields

Naveen ReddyMeasurements of the Dust Attenuation Curve at z~1.4-2.6 from the MOSDEF Survey

Victoria Bruce: Probing AGN through host galaxy morphologies

Day 4 – Thursday 29


Nico CappellutiXray surveys

Allison KirkpatrickWhat Lies Beneath: Probing Dust Obscured Star Formation and AGN Growth

Kate RowlandsProperties of dusty massive galaxies at low and high redshifts

Xinwen ShuDistant Herschel 500um Sources Revealed with Color-deconfusion


Emanuele DaddiA highly deconfused mid-far-IR to submm catalog in GOODS-N: first scientific results

Corentin SchreiberThe Herschel view of the dominant mode of galaxy growth from z = 4 to the present day

Nathan BourneUnderstanding relationships between star formation rate, stellar mass and obscuration at high redshift with the SCUBA-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey

Tao WangA census of massive galaxy population at z~4

David ElbazTargeted discussion Closing Fireworks

Day 5 – Friday 30

09:00- 13:00

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