We present the public release of the first complete catalogues of Frontier Fields Abell-2744 and MACSJ-0416 cluster and parallel pointings.


The Abell 2744 field as observed by VLT in the K band and Spitzer in CH1. On the left, the original images; on the right, residuals after T-PHOT processing.

The catalogues include multi-band photometry (8 HST bands, deep Ks from the HAWK-I FF program, and Spitzer-IRAC 3.6 and 4.5 um), magnification, photometric redshifts and rest-frame properties, plus a variety of diagnostic information. The cluster pointings have been analysed following a multi-step procedure to remove foreground emission from intra-cluster light and very bright galaxies. Photometry from low-resolution IR bands has been derived with T-PHOT.

Two papers describing in details the catalogues and the procedures followed to obtain them have been published on Astronomy and Astrophysics:


Please quote both of them whenever you use these catalogs.

The full catalogues can be downloaded from this link.

Catalogues, images and diagnostics can also be inspected from a dedicated CDS interface.

A summary of the adopted methods and of the results can be found at this link.

Information on the Frontier Fields Survey can be found on the STScI website.