International Conference

The growth of galaxies in the Early Universe – IV

Sesto Val Pusteria 

15-19 January 2018

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 12.21.07

A comparison between an existing image of the distant Universe as observed at 4.5μm from Spitzer (left) and the same field as will be observed by JWST at the same wavelength in ~1/10 of the exposure time.

This workshop is a chance to discuss the nature and evolution of high redshift galaxies, from cosmic noon to re-ionization, as derived from a variety of observational evidence collected across the whole electromagnetic spectrum, and theoretical investigations.

The workshop will offer us a chance to discuss the latest results from Great Observatories (in orbit and on the ground), and to brainstorm on the exciting opportunities that new instruments like the now fully-fledged ALMA and the forthcoming JWST are opening in the nearby future.

The workshop attendance will be limited to about 40 scientists, mostly by invitation. The format allows ample time for presentations (all oral, no poster is foreseen) and for interactive work among the participants.

The workshop will start on Monday 15 (9am) and will finish at 1pm of Friday 19.



A more expanded scientific rationale is found HERE.

– A. Fontana (Chair)
– J. Dunlop
– D. Elbaz
– H. Ferguson
– O. Le Fevre


REGISTRATION FEE IS 300Euro. Instructions to pay it are HERE